Going Gems Project


Token Name :

Going Gems

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Total Supply :,00000000 XGG

Main Project

Look for opportunities of Cryptocurrency Market. There's much of ICO are scam and lot of Investor's money are stolen. We make differences way to get profit from Cryptocurrency by take a Airdrop of our token for free for everyone. Our project is based Game who can purchase in Apps by XGG Token. Firstly we will make Android game after XGG Token has listed on exchange. The game will finished Q1 2019 and you can download the game at playstore or our website. Just be patient of our project, we need a long time for finishing the project.

Funds Source

Our funds come from Investor who buy token from our team. We are very thanksfull for tens investors who has donated us funds to finished our project on futures.

Project Detail

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. Purchasing Game

    Purchase the Game from Developer.

  • 2. Play Game

    You can Play it during you have Playtime

  • 3. Refill Playtime

    If your playtime has run out, you can purchasing in apps using XGG

  • 4. Enjoy Playing

    Enjoy playing the game during playtime.


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